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Quality hard gear case tells about the noise treatment knowledge of gearbox

Gearbox is an important component widely used in mechanical transmission. When a pair of gears mesh, due to the inevitable error of tooth pitch and tooth profile, meshing shock will occur during operation and noise corresponding to the gear meshing frequency will occur. , Friction noise also occurs due to relative sliding between the tooth surfaces. Since gears are the basic parts of gearbox transmission, reducing gear noise is necessary to control gearbox noise. Generally speaking, the main causes of gear system noise are the following aspects. The quality hard gear case editor will take you to understand.

1. Gear design. Improper parameter selection, too small overlap, improper or no modification of the tooth profile, unreasonable gear box structure, etc. In terms of gear processing, the base pitch error and tooth profile error are too large, the tooth side clearance is too large, and the surface roughness is too large.
2. Gear train and gear box. The assembly is eccentric, the contact accuracy is low, the parallelism of the shaft is poor, the rigidity of the shaft, bearing, support is insufficient, the rotation accuracy of the bearing is not high, and the clearance is improper.
3. Other input torque. The fluctuation of load torque, the torsional vibration of the shaft system, the balance of the motor and other transmission pairs, etc.
The above is the introduction of the quality hard gear case editor: about the noise handling knowledge of the gearbox.