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Mountaineers protective storage box introduces how to make the storage box?

In daily life, I always feel that my desk is sloppy, and it seems that I always clean up the troubles. At this time, the effect of the storage box appears. This hand-made DIY storage box can bring you a brand new desktop refreshing experience, and only need the color paper you choose to satisfy the beauty. So do you know how it is made? Let's follow the editor of Mountaineers protective storage box to have a simple understanding!
You need to prepare some paper as the "cover" of the origami box and the handmade storage box. You can use washi paper as the cover to make it more beautiful. However, ordinary colored paper can be used for the origami box itself, because they are often received inside the large storage box.
First make 4 origami boxes. For the manual origami box tutorial, please refer to the manual origami box tutorial. This manual origami paper tutorial specifically introduces how to quickly use square paper to make a manual origami paper.
Here you need to prepare a cardboard. After all, the storage box will not stand up out of thin air, so this cardboard is more important. The width of the cardboard is 4 times the width of the origami box made in the previous step, and the height is also four times the height of the origami box, but you can automatically leave 1cm and 0.5cm for the upper and base layers, which will make it more attractive. Then place your favorite colored paper on one side of the cardboard, with the edge slightly wider than the cardboard by 1cm. Then first use white glue or other thicker glue to post the edges and corners.
In summary, this Mountaineers protective storage box editor tells: About the simple method of making storage boxes, I hope you can learn more through the introduction of the above editor.