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China Mountaineers protective storage box introduces the classification knowledge of Tool box?

I believe that many people have seen Tool box at home, which is actually a container used to store various sundries and tools. There are two types of this container, namely a fixed type and a mobile type. So how much do you know about these two types? Let's follow the editor of China Mountaineers protective storage box to have a simple understanding!
1. According to the different materials of the container, we can divide it into the following categories. If the container is made of engineering plastics, this plastic Tool box has strong impact resistance, and most of it is used to store metal tools or various small tools. , Easy to manage and follow-up use.
2. Some containers are directly made of aluminum alloy. After the aluminum alloy is heat-treated, the framework of the container is welded and then installed on the framework using various density boards or plastic plates. This kind of container has a very strong load-bearing capacity, is strong and durable, and is very beautiful and generous. It is widely used in various packaging fields. Many products that need to be transported will use this packaging method, which not only protects the internal products, but also does not have to worry about the external box. The body appears to be broken by collision.
In summary, the editor of China Mountaineers protective storage box tells: About the introduction of the classification knowledge of Tool box, I hope you can learn more through the introduction of the above editor.