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Mountaineers protective storage box price tells: What is the knowledge of tool box material selection?

Since the material of the tool box is generally made of plastic, its heat resistance is not as good as that of other materials such as metal. When selecting materials, pay attention to the environmental temperature not exceeding the heat distortion temperature, use temperature and embrittlement temperature of the material. One, the heat distortion temperature mainly changes the size of plastic products, while the use temperature and embrittlement temperature change the performance of plastic products. Let's follow the editor of Mountaineers protective storage box price to find out!

1. Thermal deformation temperature. If the temperature of the environment exceeds the temperature of the object’s thermal deformation, the product will be severely deformed and lose its use function. Therefore, in the specific selection, the thermal deformation temperature of the selected material must be higher than the use environment temperature .
2. The use temperature and brittleness temperature, as the use temperature gradually increases, the plastic will deform accordingly, such as tensile strength, compressive strength, bending strength, rigidity, hardness, creep resistance, wear resistance, resistance Solvent properties, volume resistance, dielectric strength, dielectric loss, etc.
Therefore, in the specific selection of materials, not only consider the heat distortion temperature from the change in the shape of the product, but also consider the use temperature and embrittlement temperature at which the product loses its performance. Which of the several temperatures causes the damage to the plastic product, choose which one This temperature is the standard ambient temperature for use.
The above is the mountaineers protective storage box price editor introducing the material selection knowledge of the tool box, you can learn more.