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What's in the Hardware tool box?

Hardware tool box is actually a kind of tool box, as the name implies, there are various hardware tools in the Hardware tool box. A good hardware toolbox is not only convenient to carry, but the five products in it are also relatively complete, the quality is also relatively good, and it is relatively durable. Of course, some people feel very unfamiliar with Hardware tool box. What's in the Hardware tool box?
1. Screwdriver
Screwdrivers are frequently used at home, screwing screws, furniture...Screwdrivers usually have a thin wedge-shaped head, which can be inserted into the slot or recess of the screw head. There are two types: a word and a cross. In addition, common screwdrivers include hexagonal screwdrivers, including inner and outer hexagons.
Two, tape measure
You can test the length, width, and height of the object, especially when buying furniture, use a tape measure to measure it, which is conducive to the choice of furniture size and avoids the hassle of return and exchange due to size.

Three, wrench
There are basically two types of wrenches, dead wrenches and adjustable wrenches. Wrenches use the principle of leverage to turn bolts, nuts, screws, and other threads. Usually, there are clamp handles on one or both ends of the handle. When using, apply external force to the handle in the direction of thread rotation to turn the bolts and nuts. Wait.
Fourth, the hammer
A hammer is a commonly used striking tool, which consists of a hammer head and a hammer handle. It is often used to knock nails, correct or knock objects open. When using a hammer, check whether the connection between the hammer head and the hammer handle is firm, and be careful when using it, and don't hit your hands.
Five, test pencil
The test pencil is also called the test pencil, which is used to test whether there is electricity in the wire. When using the test pen, be sure to touch the metal part of the end of the test pen with your hand, put your index finger against the cap end of the pen, gently pinch the pen with your thumb, middle finger, and ring finger, and insert the metal pen tip into the socket hole.
Six, utility knife
Commonly known as a carving knife or wallpaper knife, it is a knife for fine arts and handicrafts, mainly used to cut softer things. There are different sizes of utility knives, both small and large, the large one is about 20 cm, and the small one is about 10 cm. You can choose according to the actual situation.
Seven, pliers
Pliers can replace human hands and handle some sharp and sharp tools, such as removing nails from wooden boards and pulling glass out of walls. They are useful and prevent hands from being scratched. There are many types of pliers, such as wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, diagonal pliers, round-nose pliers and so on.