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Do you know the structural characteristics of china Tool Cabinet with wheels?

China Tool Cabinet with wheels is suitable for the fixed management of tools, knives and parts in the production site, so that your item storage and retrieval work is truly punctual, accurate and low-consumption. So how much do you know about its structural characteristics? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. High-strength structural design and special powder spraying surface treatment technology can adapt to the complex working environment of the factory.
2. The guide rails equipped with high-quality bearings ensure that a single drawer can be opened and closed easily and smoothly under the rated load.
3. The freely adjustable partition in the drawer allows you to separate the storage space at will.

4. Full-width aluminum alloy drawer handles and replaceable labels are beautiful, convenient and practical.
5. The drawer safety buckle design ensures that the drawer will not accidentally slip out after being closed.
6. Equipped with a safety baffle design to ensure that the drawer will not fall 100% after opening.
7. The locks are of international level, which are very good. All drawers can be locked with only one key to ensure the safety of items.
8. Drawers of different heights can be freely selected and configured to fully meet the needs of customers.
9. The feet at the bottom of the cabinet protect the cabinet from damage when it is placed or moved, and it is convenient to carry it with a forklift.
10. A variety of surface colors to meet the overall layout requirements of users.
In summary, it is an introduction to the structural characteristics of china Tool Cabinet with wheels.