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Best Garage tool storage box tells about the knowledge of tool storage box

How much do you know about the relevant knowledge of the tool storage box? Follow the editor of Best Garage tool storage box to have a simple understanding!

A new tool storage box includes a square box body with an opening on one side. The box body also includes a slider with a horizontal bearing surface on the top, and is used to push the slider toward The power device that moves in the direction of the opening. The top of the slider is provided with a horizontal bearing surface for placing machining tools. When tools need to be placed or removed, the slider is pushed out of the box through the opening through the power device. At this time, the workpiece is exposed to the box, which is convenient for picking and placing tools. . When the tool needs to be stored, push the slider into the box body so that the tool is inside the box body. This method can avoid losing the tool and prevent tool wear caused by exposing the tool. .
In summary, the editor of Best Garage tool storage box tells: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of tool storage box.