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Low price Metal trolley box tells about the maintenance of the trolley box

How much do you know about the maintenance of the trolley case? Follow the editor of Low price Metal trolley box to have a simple understanding!
1. When using the trolley box, pay attention to prevent high temperature and strong acid and alkali environment, and the high pressure environment will also make your trolley box deform.
2. Avoid scratches by sharp objects such as knives. No matter how hard the trolley case is, it can't compete with knives.
3. You can use cold water when cleaning, but please don't iron it, it will scald the epidermis.

4. The use of the trolley case should avoid being in a damp environment for a long time, which will make the trolley case lose its original toughness.
5. The trolley case uses a rag to clean the metal accessories, which can effectively prevent fading.
6. Try not to let the trolley case walk on some uneven roads, so that the wear and tear on the wheels of your trolley case is quite large.
7. When pulling your trolley case, pay attention to the slight force, not too much, so that it can be more smooth.
The above is the story of the editor of Low price Metal trolley box: a brief introduction to the maintenance of the trolley box.