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What tools are generally installed in the Hardware tool box?

On the one hand, the Hardware tool box is conducive to the placement of a series of tools such as hardware and is convenient for everyone to use. On the other hand, the use of the Hardware tool box can also ensure the storage of hardware tools and prevent the loss of hardware tools. So, as far as the products on the market are concerned, in order to use the Hardware tool box more conveniently in various different applications, the tools it contains are also different. The price of ordinary Hardware tool box is generally lower. The price of this kind ofHardware tool box is not only relatively low, but generally their service life may not be as long as everyone thinks. Compared with the Hardware tool box of general quality, the price of some products of better quality is higher. Although the price of this kind of Hardware tool box is more expensive, their appearance design and quality are mostly more reliable. Here is a brief introduction to you what tools are generally installed in the Hardware tool box?


The tools generally installed in the Hardware tool box mainly include:

1. The wrench in the Hardware tool box: used for casement windows. The main function is to press the sash on the window frame when the casement sash is closed to achieve the sealing effect. Consumers should pay attention to the observation that the surface is flat, free from thorns, weighs on the hand, and the coating surface is uniform.

2. Hinge in the Hardware tool box: used to open doors and windows. Consumers can observe the materials of the hinges when purchasing. They are made of copper, iron-plated copper, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy extruded materials. Avoid using zinc alloy cast hinges.

3. Hardware sliding brace in the Hardware tool box: a device that supports the casement window sash for opening and closing and positioning. It is better for consumers to choose stainless steel materials when purchasing, and the surface should not have defects such as scratches, edges, burrs, etc. When the sliding support is opened and closed, a little resistance is enough.

4. Hardware pulley in the Hardware tool box: bear the weight of each sliding door and window and move it horizontally. Consumers should pay attention to the material of the pulley frame and whether the pulleys use needle bearings or ball bearings when purchasing. The pulleys for sliding doors should be heavy-duty door pulleys and must not be replaced by sliding window pulleys.

5. Half-moon locks in the Hardware tool box: most of them are hook locks between fans. Consumers should choose stainless steel or aluminum alloy.


Although the Hardware tool box is relatively common and easy to buy, everyone needs to put it in the Hardware tool box after using the hardware tools inside, and keep the hardware tools. Although the loss of some hardware tools in the Hardware tool box will not have a particularly big impact on everyone's daily life, but if your work is closely related to hardware tools, then the importance of the Hardware tool box is self-evident Up.