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Knowledge about the use of customized fishing box

How much do you know about the use of customized fishing box? Let's take a look at it briefly!

The customized fishing box is an important auxiliary fishing tackle in fishing activities. If it can be used reasonably, as long as there is a flat area slightly larger than the bottom area of ​​the customized fishing box, we can start fishing. It turns out that in places where parasols and traditional gun stand poles cannot be installed on cement platforms, gravel ground, wooden bridges or piers, these problems can be easily solved by using a customized fishing box. The food box installed on the customized Fishing box, whether you use bait rubbing or bait pulling, can greatly speed up your bait loading speed. In the customized Fishing box, you can store some commonly used small accessories and bait, such as the hanging box with the strands, space beans, lead skins, connecting rings and other fishing small accessories. You can also use some sealed drink cups or plastic milk bottles to mix some commonly used baits and bottle them quickly and conveniently. In the hot summer, you can also put some ice water in the customized fishing box, which can keep warm for a long time, even in the wild, you can guarantee to drink cold and delicious drinks at any time. Then, after the rod is finished, you can put the fish catch and a bottle of ice water directly in the customized Fishing box and bring it back together, which can guarantee the freshness of the catch in a short time.
The above is a brief introduction about the use of customized fishing box.