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Customized Home storage box price tells the little knowledge of storage boxes

How much do you know about storage boxes? Customized Home storage box price Xiaobian will take you to a simple understanding.

The storage box comprises a box body, a box cover and an inner grid plate, the box cover is fastened on the box body, the inner grid plate is arranged inside the box body, and the bottom surface of the box body is provided with an arc-shaped flange, so The box cover is provided with a groove, and the arc-shaped flange is adapted to the groove. When the two storage boxes are stacked up and down, the arc-shaped flange on the upper storage box is clamped into the groove of the lower storage box. The beneficial effects achieved by the utility model are as follows: the grid plate advantageously divides a storage box into 10 grids, which is in line with aesthetics and space engineering, and the articles are placed neatly and the space is reasonably used. The stacking of the storage boxes is more stable. The inner wall can be seamlessly closed with the box body to keep the items in the box clean. The box cover is not easy to sink into the box body, and the stability of the box cover relative to the depression of the box body is relatively increased. The inner grid adopts a U-shaped arc wave design, which is convenient to take items Avoid scratching the skin and objects, and the overall structure is more beautiful.
The above is the customized Home storage box price Xiaobian tells: a brief introduction to the little knowledge about the storage box.