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Best Home storage box introduces the knowledge of storage boxes

How much do you know about the little knowledge of storage boxes? The Best Home storage box editor will take you to a simple understanding.
A storage box, comprising: a box body with an accommodating cavity therein; a drawer structure, comprising a plurality of drawers slidably connected to the box body, the drawers having a push-in state slid toward the accommodating cavity and oriented away from the accommodating cavity The accommodating cavity is slid in the pulling state; the cover body is hingedly connected to the box body to have a closed state covering the accommodating cavity and an open state not covering the accommodating cavity; a linkage assembly, the linkage assembly is linked Connected to the drawer structure and the cover body, wherein when the drawer structure is in the push-in state, the corresponding cover body moves toward the closed state; when the drawer structure is in the pulling state, the corresponding cover body moves toward the open state State movement. By setting the linkage component, the linkage between the drawer and the cover is realized, and the user can open or close the drawer and the cover at the same time, which is very time-saving and labor-saving.

The above is the editor of Best Home storage box: a brief introduction to the knowledge of storage boxes.