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Wholesale Tool Cabinet with wheels price Introduce the little knowledge of tool cabinets

How much do you know about tool cabinets? Wholesale Tool Cabinet with wheels price Xiaobian will take you to a brief understanding.
A tool cabinet, including a cabinet body, a support plate, a placement plate, and a mobile rack. The distance of the hooks on the support plate is set according to a plurality of special-shaped holes evenly distributed inside the left and right sides of the cabinet, and the distance is the distance between a special-shaped hole in the front row and a higher special-shaped hole in the rear row. When using, first fix the cabinet, then insert the hook on one of the support plates into the left side of the cabinet, and then insert the other support plate into the same height position on the right side of the cabinet, and then move the rack to place the placement plate. On the support plate, the bearing tools of various specifications can be placed in the placement plate. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use, and is suitable for various workshops and various working environments, and can classify and place heavy tools, especially bearing tools.

The above is the introduction of Wholesale Tool Cabinet with wheels price: a brief introduction to the knowledge of tool cabinets.