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Wholesale Tool Cabinet with wheels price

If you want to know more about tool cabinets, just follow the Wholesale Tool Cabinet with wheels price editor for a brief introduction!

A tool cabinet comprises a cabinet body, a door panel arranged on the cabinet body and a storage board arranged inside the cabinet body, a sliding rod is vertically arranged in the cabinet, the sliding rod is vertically and slidably connected to the storage board, and the cabinet is The panels on both sides are vertically arranged with fixed plates, a plurality of positioning holes are opened on the fixed plates, and a positioning rod is arranged on the storage plate, which is parallel to the side of the storage plate close to the door plate, and one end of the fixed plate is inserted into the positioning holes, and is used for on the fixed storage board; the storage board is provided with a transmission mechanism, including a gear, a rack, two gears and two racks, the first gear and the second gear are meshed with the first rack and the second rack respectively, and the positioning rod is fixed It is connected to the first rack and the second rack, so that the gear can drive the positioning rod to extend and retract through the rack, so as to fix the storage board.
The above is the editor of Wholesale Tool Cabinet with wheels price: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of tool cabinets.