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What are the material classifications of the Building material tool box?

Building material tool box is the main packaging box for daily tool storage and storage. There are many types of tools and many models. There are as few as 10 tools and hundreds of tools used in each project and equipment. Therefore, the Building material tool box is an indispensable auxiliary tool for every engineering team and engineering and technical personnel. Building material tool box has a powerful storage function, and strong sturdiness and mobility make Building material tool box popular in the packaging market. Building material tool box has different classifications according to different materials and forms of expression. Here is a brief introduction to what are the material classifications of Building material tool box?


Material classification of Building material tool box:

1. Aluminum alloy Building material tool box, with magnesium and silicon as alloying elements. Generally speaking, it has good mechanical properties and can be heat treated and welded. It is a material often used in Building material tool boxes. This kind of Building material tool box is made of aluminum alloy material as the skeleton, ABS, MDF (medium fiber board), plywood (multilayer board), etc. as the panel, and the three links, mouthpieces, handles, locks, etc. are used as accessories. The finished box is widely used in packaging and other industries because of its reasonable design structure, meticulous professional workmanship, strong load-bearing capacity, durability, and beauty. The Building material tool box made of aluminum alloy is mainly used abroad. With the rise of various domestic industries, especially the factors required by the building materials industry, the application of aluminum alloy boxes has also increased. The main body of the Building material tool box is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, which have the characteristics of solid structure, beautiful appearance, and good heat dissipation performance. It is widely used in the building material tool combination industry and is an ideal box for hardware tools.


2. Plastic tool box

This kind of Building material tool box is made of high-quality engineering plastics with high strength and impact resistance. It is generally used to store hardware tools and other functional tools. It combines various tools into a module for easy use, management and maintenance.


3. Iron Toolbox

The Building material tool box of this material is divided into portable, two-drawing and tipping bucket tool boxes, using galvanized phosphated steel plate, which is strong and durable. The upper cover has a drawer lock function, and the top handle is easy to carry


4. PP polypropylene tool kit

PP polypropylene materials are resin raw materials similar to EVA. The high-frequency insulation of the Building material tool box of this material is not affected by humidity, but it becomes brittle, non-wearing, and easy to age at low temperatures. PP polypropylene Building material tool box is suitable for making general mechanical parts, corrosion-resistant parts and insulating parts. Common acid and alkali solvents have little effect on it.


5. ABS resin tool kit

ABS material is a thermoplastic polymer material with high strength, good toughness, and easy processing and forming. Because of its high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, it is often used to make the plastic shell of Building material tool box.


6. Nylon tool bag

Nylon material is popular among consumers because of its strong and durable characteristics. Generally, the Building material tool box of nylon material is made of 1680D nylon. It is not afraid of scratching or water, and it can protect the tool well and not affect the quality of the package by the sharpness of the tool. , Suitable for load-bearing and sharp tools.