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Portable Combo Metal tool box For sale

Portable combination Metal tool box For sale, the box is divided into two parts, the main body of each part of the two parts is made of engineering plastics, the connecting position of the two parts is made of metal material, the two parts are lapped together tightly, and one end is hinged together, the other end is fixed together by a lock; the inner wall of each part of the two parts is respectively fixed with a shock-proof gasket, and the inner end is divided into a plurality of tool storage grooves by a non-metallic material with certain elasticity; the two parts are part of the main body A retractable pull rod is installed on the upper end, and two universal rollers are respectively fixed at the lower ends of the two parts. The utility model is easy to carry and transport, and can arrange various common tools used for power maintenance, repair, etc. in an orderly manner, with neat layout and convenient use. , improve the operator's work efficiency.

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