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Introduction to the knowledge of the partition device of Metal tool box in china

Do you know the knowledge of the partition device of the toolbox? The following Metal tool box in china editor will take you to a simple understanding.
The partition device of the toolbox is provided with chute on the inner sides of the two side panels of the toolbox body, and the partition is assembled in the chute, and is characterized in that: the top ends of the assembly edges of the two sides of the partition are respectively fixed with cross-sections A T-shaped buckle piece, one end of the buckle piece is fixed on the partition plate, and the other end forms a protruding clamping part; the top of the chute on both sides of the box body is provided with an embedded groove, and the embedded groove is matched with the buckle of the buckle piece. A hollow concave portion is formed in the shape for the buckle piece to be stuck against, and the bottom of the embedding groove is provided with two baffle edges for fixing the clamping portion.

Metal tool box in china
The above is the description of Metal tool box in china: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the partition device of the tool box.