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Wholesale hardware box price

The Wholesale hardware box price includes a carton and a foam storage board. There are multiple foam storage boards, and the multiple foam storage boards are stacked and installed in the carton in sequence. Each foam storage board is provided with a variety of different Storage slot; the Wholesale hardware box price is set by setting a multi-layer foam storage board, and the multi-layer foam storage board is stacked and placed directly into the matching carton for easy portability. There are different storage slots on the foam storage board. The storage slot is used to place the five parts matched with different furniture products. You only need to place the corresponding parts in the corresponding storage slot, and you do not need to spend time to count the number of parts that need to be carried, which saves time; and Wholesale hardware box price can prevent the omission of parts during assembly and the loss during transportation, can avoid mutual wear between parts, protect the parts well, avoid the parts being damaged during transportation, and has strong practicability.

Wholesale hardware box price
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