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Storage box for Wholesale hardware box price

A storage box for Wholesale hardware box price includes a box body, a storage cavity is arranged in the box body, a plurality of positioning holes are arranged at the bottom of the cavity of the storage cavity, the positioning holes communicate with the external environment, and positioning posts are inserted into the positioning holes to locate One end of the column located in the receiving cavity is provided with a positioning piece, the positioning piece includes a connecting cap sleeved on the positioning column, the side of the connecting cap is provided with a plurality of extension limit parts, and one end of the extension limit part away from the connection cap is formed with a clip The holding groove, the groove bottom of the holding groove is provided with a thickened part, and the thickened part is provided with a drying cavity.

Wholesale hardware box price
The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the storage box used by Wholesale hardware box price.