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Fishing tackle box on sales

Fishing tackle box on sales includes a box body, a handle, a tool cabinet and an upper cover, and is characterized in that more than two detachable tool cabinets are arranged between the box body and the upper cover, and the two or more detachable tool cabinets are The tool cabinet is connected between the upper cover and the tool cabinet, between the tool cabinet and the tool cabinet, and between the tool cabinet and the box body through a locking device; the handle is a detachable handle, and the The detachable handle is provided with mounting holes on the side of the box body and tool cabinet for installing the handle.

Fishing tackle box on sales
The new type is compact in structure, low in cost, and easy to install and disassemble; in addition, the design of multiple tool cabinets facilitates people to carry more fishing tackle when fishing, and the design of the detachable handle and the handle mounting hole on the tool cabinet avoids the need for When installing multiple tool cabinets, the height of the handle is limited and the handle cannot be used; when the Fishing tackle box on sales is used as a stool, the height of the Fishing tackle box on sales can be adjusted by increasing and decreasing the number of tool cabinets.
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