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customized Fishing tackle box

The customized Fishing tackle box includes a box body, a box cover, and a supporting component; the box cover is connected to the box body through several hinges to seal the box body; the supporting component is installed on the back of the box body; there is also a set between the box cover and the box body. There are several locks for locking; the box cover includes box cover corner connectors, box cover alloy connecting plates, and box cover hollow plastic plates; four box cover corner connectors are connected with box cover alloy connecting plates to form a mouth The glyph frame; the mouth glyph frame is connected and matched with the hollow plastic plate body of the box cover.

customized Fishing tackle box
The new type is simple in structure and understandable in design. While ensuring the structural strength of the customized Fishing tackle box, the mass of the box is reduced, and its portability is greatly enhanced. Since the hollow plastic plate is used as the main body of the box and the cover, it can be The customized Fishing tackle box can be floated by the level when falling into the water, which increases the safety and flexibility of use.