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Plastic tool box with soft PVC grip in china

How much do you know about maintenance toolboxes? Follow the editor of Plastic tool box with soft PVC grip in china to have a simple understanding of it!
The maintenance tool box is designed with a transparent observation window and a drawer for storing tools. The drawer can observe the placement position of the tools in the box from the outside. The drawer includes a flat tool placement board, which can observe the tool placement from the outside of the box. After the drawer is pulled out, the tools are in a wide space, and the tools can be easily and quickly taken out. The tool placement board is designed with several tool clamping columns, so although the tool placement board is a flat plate, it is still The tool can be fixed; the hot blower, the air supply structure, the air inlet, the box body, the air outlet and the sealing cover constitute a dehumidification and dust removal mechanism. When the sealing cover is opened, the hot blower is started to remove the dust on the tools in the box As well as moisture removal, the possibility of tool rusting is reduced, and the safety and convenience of tool use are provided.

Plastic tool box with soft PVC grip in china
The above is the description of Plastic tool box with soft PVC grip in china:A brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the maintenance toolbox.