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Maintenance points of Metal Trolley tool box

The Metal Trolley tool box is actually a tool box. As the name implies, there are various hardware tools in the Metal Trolley tool box. A good tool box is not only easy to carry, but the five products in it are relatively complete, of good quality, and durable. Metal Trolley tool box generally has screwdrivers, including ordinary screwdrivers, hexagonal screwdrivers, and some also include hexagonal socket and external hexagonal screwdrivers. The tape measure in the toolbox is also often used to test the length, width and height of the object. In addition, the wrench in the Metal Trolley tool box uses the principle of leverage to turn bolts, nuts, screws and other threads. Generally, the clamping handle is formed at one or both ends of the handle. When in use, an external force is applied to the handle along the thread rotation direction to rotate bolts, nuts, etc. A hammer is a commonly used percussion tool in the Metal Trolley tool box. It consists of a hammer head and a hammer handle. It is often used to knock nails, correct or knock off objects. When using a hammer, check whether the connection between the hammer head and the hammer handle is firm. Don't touch your hands.


There are other very useful tools in the Metal Trolley tool box. How to maintain such an important product during daily use? Here is a brief introduction to the maintenance points of the Metal Trolley tool box.


Maintenance points of Metal Trolley tool box:

1. Choose a suitable storage location

The storage place of the Metal Trolley tool box should be clean and dry, whether in or outside the warehouse, away from the workshop that produces harmful gases and dust, and must not be mixed with acids, alkalis, salts, gases, powders and other substances. When different types of Metal Trolley tool boxes are stored in the same place, there should be obvious intervals to prevent contact corrosion.

2. Keep the storage place dry

Ensure that the relative humidity of the Metal Trolley tool box storage location is below the critical humidity. Generally speaking, the relative humidity should be controlled at about 70%. Manage the temperature and humidity of the storage place, keep abreast of weather changes, avoid typhoons and rainstorms, and adopt ventilation methods to cool down and ebb tides. Keeping the storage place dry is an important condition to prevent or reduce the corrosion of hardware tools in the Metal Trolley tool box.

3. Oil spray anti-rust

For the Metal Trolley tool box stored in the open air in the hot and humid areas of the south, only the thatch cover cannot achieve the expected anti-rust purpose, and the oil spray can prevent rust at the same time. However, this method is not allowed to be used for Metal Trolley tool boxes that are not suitable for fuel injection.

4. Anti-rust of hardware accessories

Metal Trolley tool box hardware accessories will be slightly oxidized due to exposure to the air, so it is recommended to wipe it with a dry cloth after daily use, and then wipe with toothpaste or flour from time to time to reduce or even prevent the oxidation of the hardware accessories. If you find any holes, breakages and burns, do not repair them without authorization, and directly ask professional staff for service.