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Classification knowledge of customized fishing box

The customized fishing box is divided into two types: hard customized fishing box and soft refrigerator. The inner and outer layers of the rigid customized fishing box are reinforced hard plastic, corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant, not easy to break, and strong and waterproof; the middle is a cold insulation layer, which has very strong cold insulation, and the lid is generally double-open. The rigid customized fishing box is widely used in sea fishing and freshwater fishing. It is often used to store the catch in sea fishing, and keep it fresh and refrigerate after adding ice cubes. In addition to storing the catch in freshwater fishing, it has replaced the fishing stool. The height design of the customized fishing box is very suitable for people's sitting posture, and it can be equipped with bait box holders, bait boxes, rod holder accessories, fish protection accessories, Umbrella stand etc. All the fishing process can be completed conveniently and quickly by making the angler sit on the customized fishing box. The outer layer of the soft refrigerator is specially processed cloth or leather, which is waterproof and wear-resistant, the inner layer is hard plastic, and the lid is mostly zipper type. Compared with the rigid customized fishing box, the cold insulation is inferior, but it is lightweight and easy to carry. Mostly used for sea fishing to store catches.

The above is a brief introduction to the classification knowledge of the customized fishing box.