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Mountaineers protective storage box price tells: What is the classification knowledge of Tool box?

Tool box is a container that stores tools and various household items. It can be used for various purposes such as production, household, maintenance, and fishing, and is widely used. It has good bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, strong plasticity, various colors, and large internal volume of the portable Tool box. Let's follow the editor of Mountaineers protective storage box price to learn about its classification knowledge!
1. Type of iron sheet
Divided into portable type, two-drawing type and tipping bucket type Tool box. The use of galvanized phosphated steel plate is strong and durable. The upper cover has a drawer locking function, and the top handle is easy to carry.

2. Entity type
A collection of tools used to store various boxes with different functions and functions. Such as: medical needs and repair needs.
3. Plastic type
Using high-quality engineering plastics, high strength and impact resistance, it is generally used to store hardware tools.
4. Aluminum alloy type
Because of its reasonable design structure, meticulous professional workmanship, strong load-bearing capacity, durability, and beauty, it has a wide range of applications in packaging and other industries.
In summary, the editor of Mountaineers protective storage box price tells: A brief introduction to the classification knowledge of Tool box, you can learn more.