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hard gear case Manufacturers china tells about the maintenance principle of gearbox

Gearbox is an important part of metallurgical equipment, it is widely used and consumes a lot of money. Failure to repair the gearbox that has failed in time will seriously affect production and it is not economical to use the damaged gearbox without repairing it. So do you know what its maintenance principle is? Follow the editor of hard gear case Manufacturers china to have a simple understanding!
1. For large gearboxes, it is necessary to formulate and strictly implement gearbox machine repair regulations.
2. Check and repair regularly. Inspection is mainly for loyal officials. Do not dismantle and unload easily. Arrange special personnel for inspection and repair. Strict inspection system and procedures must be established and inspection records must be made.
3. It is necessary to strictly ensure the various performance indicators and special requirements of the lubricating oil, and the performance of the lubricating oil should be tested, filtered, analyzed and evaluated during the inspection.

4. When you want to change parts, check the parts in time, and then assemble them according to the original assembly requirements after confirming that they are qualified.
5. When overhauling and assembling, it is necessary to assemble and install according to the original marks, and ensure the original mutual positional relationship and the required mentality between the parts, such as the contact surface of the gear, the vertical and horizontal degree of the gear box, and the coupling The coaxiality and so on.
6. When the gearbox is overhauled, run and test run must be carried out, and then put into production after passing the inspection.
In summary, the editor of hard gear case Manufacturers china tells: a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of gearbox maintenance principles.