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How to make quality Home storage box price

Do you know how to make the quality Home storage box price? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. Cut the lids of the two shoe boxes neatly with a knife, then take out the transparent tape and wrap the four corners of the box to fix them, then find the prepared cardboard, prepare scissors or wallpaper knife , Ready to be tailored.
2. Measure the length of the shoe box, and then cut the cardboard according to the length of the shoe box. Not only need to measure the length, but also the width. After the cut is completed, take it and compare it with the shoe box. Use the extra part The knife crossed off.

3. Then take out a board and cut it according to the shoe box. A total of 6 styles are needed. They are the sides, the middle, the bottom layer and the top baffle. The edges are glued with transparent tape.
4. Then drop the shoe box and cardboard layer by layer and fix it with double-sided tape and transparent tape. Slowly trim the edges neatly with a knife and scissors. After fixing the box, make a live buckle between the two layers of the baffle, do not completely seal it, and then cut the fabric as needed, and use double-sided tape to smoothly stick it on Outside the box.
The above is a brief introduction to the production method of the quality Home storage box price.