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The use and maintenance of Trolley tool box casters

The Trolley tool box is a maintenance tool box used by construction personnel. It is convenient and simple to use. The tool box is equipped with a lock device. The items on the Trolley tool box should not be too heavy or too large. Choose a suitable trolley to carry different maintenance tools, which can be determined according to the weight and size of the maintenance tools. Oversized repair tools may hinder the delivery of the Trolley tool box. The height of the repair tools should not obstruct the operators sight. Consider reducing the possibility of accidents when using the Trolley tool box. Unstable objects sometimes fall out during transportation and injure employees.


In the Trolley tool box, casters are particularly important accessories. The use of Trolley tool box casters is to help objects move better and reduce the force. The correct use of Trolley tool box casters can help everyone play their role better. Trolley tool box casters or wheels are installed on the cart. , The use of intermittent manpower implementation, as a transport. The Trolley tool box casters are currently more frequently used in the industry. The selection of Trolley tool box casters is based on the total load of the carrying cart, machine, etc. as the selection criteria. When the diameter of the wheels of the Trolley tool box casters is larger, the driving force is less, and the ground can be better protected, and it is more durable. Choose wheels with large diameters as far as the installation height allows. The Trolley tool box casters are designed for normal temperature construction and need to use manpower to push them on flat ground, avoiding walking on acid, alkali, salt, oil, water and obvious uneven ground. In addition, when using in special environments such as high temperatures above 60°C and low temperatures below -5°C, it is recommended to choose Trolley tool box casters that correspond to the applicable temperature.


Attention should be paid to the use of Trolley tool box casters:

1. Do not exceed the load above the specified load;

2. The casters are suitable for flat ground, please don't make them fall from a height with a drop to avoid impact;

3. Avoid using up and down on a forklift.


Pay attention to the maintenance of Trolley tool box casters:

If the movable steering of the caster is too loose, it must be replaced immediately. If the rivet in the middle of the caster is fixed by a nut, ensure that it is tightly locked. The movable steering of the caster cannot rotate at will. Check whether there is corrosion or dirt at the ball. It should also be noted that if the Trolley tool box casters are overloaded or impacted, the bracket will be twisted, and the twisted bracket will cause the heavy load to tilt on individual wheels and cause premature damage to the wheels. Therefore, the twisted bracket must be broken or replaced. , Lubricating the Trolley tool box casters regularly can make the wheels and movable bearings be able to function normally for a long time.