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What is Safety protective toolbox

A safety protective toolbox, as the name suggests, is a container for storing tools and various household sundries. Safety protective toolbox can be used for various purposes such as production, home, maintenance, fishing, etc., and is widely used. It is divided into mobile type and fixed type, and the mobile tool box is also called a tool cart.

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Product features of the Safety protective toolbox. 10.62" plastic portable toolbox, one plastic handle, two plastic buckles in front of the box; Water Proof and Shock Proof, size:270x246x124mm, Net weight:1050g.
Features of Safety protective toolbox. Using PP engineering plastics, good bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, strong plasticity, various colors, the large internal volume of the portable toolbox, separable inner tank, plastic buckle, and metal buckle respectively.
The safety protective toolbox is made of high-quality engineering plastics, with high strength and impact resistance. It is generally used to store hardware tools. 2 Virtual toolbox collection of some functions, which integrates various tools into one module, which is convenient for use, management, and maintenance. Such as game toolbox, query toolbox, etc.
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