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Hardware Plastic Tool Box Wholesale Price

How much do you know about hardware toolboxes? The Hardware Plastic Tool Box Wholesale Price editor will take you to a brief look at it.
The hardware tool box includes a box body and a box cover, the box body is movably connected to the box cover, a partition plate and a support plate are arranged in the box body, a baffle plate is slidably connected between the partition plates, an operation groove is arranged on the support plate, and the support plate There is a folding rod between the box and the box body, a fixed seat is arranged on the bottom surface of the support plate, a support rod is movably connected to the fixed seat, one end of the support rod is provided with a bayonet, and both sides of the box body are provided with a fixed seat. Pin, bayonet connection fixing pin. The invention has simple structure, flexible connection, high utilization rate of internal space, convenient assembly of hardware tools, and strong practicability.

The above is the description of Hardware Plastic Tool Box Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the knowledge of hardware tool boxes.