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Metal tool box in china

How much do you know about the toolbox? Follow the Metal tool box in china editor to have a simple understanding of it!

The improved toolbox comprises a box body and a box cover hinged on the box body, the box body is provided with an inner groove, one end of the inner groove is provided with a clamping groove communicated with it, and the other end is hinged with an axis arranged horizontally and perpendicular to the box body. A wire winder in the length direction, one end of the wire winder is hinged on the inner side wall of the inner groove, and the other end is clamped in the interior of the clamping groove through a clamping piece, and a plurality of cavities are opened on the box body. Multiple rubber strips are fixed on the inner side wall.
The above is the description of Metal tool box in china: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the improved tool box.